About Us

Hey there! Thanks for being here and wanting to know a little about The Great Co.!

We are a brand with a difference. We want to create a better future. Whether you are choosing to buy one of our products or just browsing through our pages, you are part of an increasingly aware global driving force for a better future and kindness to the planet and to ourselves.

We are exposed to an increasing number of toxins, chemicals and synthetics in our air, in our food and in our personal care products. Every minute of every day we are bombarded with another ingenious way to damage our environment and ourselves!

The Great Co. is a proudly South African Eco brand that wants to make a difference. We are the lovers of Earth and all things natural. So instead of just questioning the ingredients we were putting into our bodies and into the environment, we set out to create offerings that would avoid these altogether and offer a healthy and cruelty free alternative to like-minded people. After all, why wait for tomorrow when we can take action today?

We know it’s hard to switch to toxin-free and eco-friendly options overnight. But, we believe that even the tiniest change collectively can result in a huge difference to the world! 

Our aim at The Great Co. is to offer sustainable, nasty free and natural products for a wholesome living through our brands The Great Food Co., The Great Skin Co. and The Great Living Co.

We continually create and curate unique eco-friendly, natural and healthy alternatives at affordable prices so you can start creating your own “eco-friendly haven”.

Together, we look forward to making the world a little better day by day!

So are you ready to make the switch?

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